We’re here to help women save the world
Jennifer Green, Co-Founder
20 October 2017
This post was updated February 2018 to reflect current statistics. The Dalai Lama said it back in 2009: women are going to save the world! But with the current number of women in higher office, how will we do it? How can we save the world when we’re not represented and not holding positions of leadership and influence?
The future is female
Photograph by ®nicole adams
“As of 2018, women have only 19.8 percent of the seats in Congress with women of color in a meager 7.1 percent.”
As of 2018, women have only 19.8 percent of the seats in Congress with women of color in a meager 7.1 percent. Even ignoring the barriers of sexism and misogyny, women are disproportionately burdened with childcare, caring for aging family members and domestic responsibilities. We make the appointments, do the meal prep, clean the house and take care of the children at higher rates than our male counterparts, and it’s not just in our heads. Our male-dominated legislators have shown little interest in enacting policy that would relieve at least some of the burdens on women—from equal pay to universal daycare. Don’t you think it’s time to propel America out of its red, blue and white-male rut? With decades of experience in creative communications all of all kinds, we’re here to change the face of politics with bold branding and forward thinking. Our goal is to elevate women’s issues in the public discourse and get more progressive feminists into positions of leadership and public office. Changing the Face of Politics, LLC offers branding, digital marketing and persuasive creative for fundraising and awareness campaigns. We work with candidates, campaign managers, political advocacy campaigns and nonprofits who share our goals. Work with us. Together, we’ll change the face of politics so women can save the world.
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