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You want to make a difference in your community. We’re here to put decades of expertise in branding and visual design at your disposal. We partner with messaging and social media experts to create a standout campaign that compels voters to action!

Kimberly Strother

Kimberly Strother


Kimberly Strother has a BA in Art History and Women’s Studies from Allegheny College and a Master’s Certificate in Internet Marketing and Advanced Social Media from University of San Francisco. Kim recently completed courses in coding and visual design through online female-focused tech school Skillcrush and a UX Design course with General Assembly. She’s been an art director for national brands and owned her own design studio. Kim consumes political news for breakfast. She’s a passionate progressive with an eye for beauty and an incredible personal style.

Sarah Wortham

Sarah Wortham

Copywriter/Communications Strategist

Sarah Wortham is an award-winning copywriter and creative director with experience working for a variety of respected national consumer brands as well as non-profits and higher education institutions. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She believes strongly in the power of words to create an emotional connection with targeted audiences that builds trust and loyalty. Outside of work she is passionate about food security issues, women’s rights, marriage equality, vegan cooking, and her two socially conscious children.

Our Collaborative Partners

Josh Klemons

Josh Klemons

Digital Storyteller/Strategist/Organizer

Josh Klemons from Reverbal Communications has managed and consulted on digital programs for local, statewide and national political campaigns, as well as 501c4s, non-profits, businesses big and small, and everything in between. He understands the social media landscape and loves helping candidates and campaigns find their digital voice and power. He has deep experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, social media advertising, and copywriting/copyediting. Along with being passionate about digital storytelling and progressive politics, Josh is a lifelong musician, an avid reader and a pseudo-obsessed news junky.

Araceli Esparza

Araceli Esparza

Connector/Speaker/Outreach Strategist

Araceli Esparza from Wisconsin Mujer has collaborated with many women of color to put on fundraising and outreach events. When your campaign wants to engage with communities of color, Araceli brings a holistic approach from the messaging to the content to the medium. Wisconsin Mujer specializes in Twitter chats, Facebook Live, and meet and greet events. From quick images to snappy, engaging posts, Wisconsin Mujer is your collaborator for social change. Araceli is also a published poet, yogi, and a children’s book reader!

We’ve worked on these brands and are ready to make YOU a stand out candidate

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We’re here to change the face of politics in America by building compelling campaign brands for progressive women and their allies. Our vision is to see the most underrepresented in our democracy get a voice at the table of power.

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